All Natural Gum Care Kit – For Healthy Gums


Gum care – the new frontier in oral care

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Are you using your finger to massage your gums?  Advance to VeriFresh Gum Care

It’s the only product available that is specifically designed to massage the gum surface.

If you have been prescribed a gum gel by your dentist, you know that the only way to apply it is with your finger, an un-hygienic and inefficient way to massage the gingival surface.

With our patented gum massager and all-natural gum gel, maintaining healthy gums is easy.

The gum massager delivers an invigorating and evenly-distributed massage. It’s the only product made to hygienically and safely massage the gum surface and apply gum care gels.

Your dentist and hygienist will tell you – gum care is the new frontier of oral care.



What’s Inside?

– Our patented gum massager

– Our all-natural gum gel

The gel includes CoQ10 which is found in all tissues in the body and is critical for cellular function.

The patented VeriFresh gum massager does double-duty as a massager of the gums and applicator of our specialty gel.

Gum disease is not only an oral care issue, but also a systemic issue. It has been found that the bacteria which are present in diseased gums are also present in other parts of the body and are associated with serious conditions such as stroke, heart attack, premature birth weight and other illnesses.


The Verifresh Gum Care Gel contains all-natural ingredients:
Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is found in most cells in the body. Clinical studies show that people with gum disease tend to have low levels of CoQ10 in their gums. Aloe, Propolis, Tea Tree Oil and Sodium Bicarbonate are all natural ingredients that help maintain a healthy oral care regimen.

– No SLS – No parabens – No artificial flavors – No animal byproducts – No artificial sweeteners – No animal testing.

I use my finger and gum stimulators to massage my gums, aren’t they doing a good enough job?

The finger is the only way of applying gum gels until now.  However, this is not the most hygienic and effective means for achieving this goal. Other devices such as interdental gum stimulators only clean the area between the gums and the teeth.

Note: Package is 100% post-consumer recycled material and printed with Soy Ink.









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