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VeriFresh Sonic Toothbrush
Preserve your teeth & Conserve the environment

The ultimate

With a rotating head – adjustable to any angle

Ergonomic tongue cleaner
Better Breath
Better health

Your tongue is the body’s initial host for micro-

organisms that cause disease and bad breath 

Starter Pack

The head is easily replaceable.
VeriFloss ships with 10 floss heads.

All-Natural Fresh Breath Kit
Long-Lasting Fresh Breath Solution

What’s the secret for getting rid of bad breath?
80-85% of cases of bad breath come from decaying matter on the rear of your tongue. A clean tongue means fresh breath and better oral hygiene.  We designed our tongue cleaner and our all-natural breath gel to work together for optimal cleaning. You’ve found the ultimate natural bad breath solution.

All-Natural Gum Care Kit
The new frontier
of oral care

Are you using your finger to massage your gums?  Advance to VeriFresh Gum Care With our patented gum massager and all-natural gum gel, maintaining healthy gums is easy. Our gum massager delivers a gentle and invigorating massage. It’s the only product made to hygienically and safely massage the gum surface and apply gum care gels. Your dentist and hygienist will tell you – gum care is the new frontier of oral care.

going green
Environmental Credo

Our company grew out of our desire to provide better and environmentally friendlier products.  But it is not just our products that are all-natural and more environmentally friendly, we take the big-picture view of environmental responsibility.  This is reflected through our manufacturing processes, packaging and product delivery. At VeriFresh we are constantly evolving to make our products more healthy and environmentally friendly and to minimize our environmental footprint.

All Natural Bad Breath Solution
Fresh Breath Kit

Bad breath makes a bad impression even before you speak a word.  It affects your relationships with co-workers, family members and friends.  Most bad breath solutions are based on artificial chemicals and last only temporarily.  Find out how VeriFresh provides a long-lasting all-natural solution to halitosis.