Bad Breath Solution

Cleaning the tongue surface with a specially designed ergonomic tongue cleaner that removes the plaque coating is the real cure for halitosis.  This not only removes the odor causing agents but lowers the overall bacteria count in the mouth which can have positive effects on the health of the gum tissue as well.  Using a complementary gel that acts naturally against the bacteria that cause bad breath increases the effectiveness of cleaning alone.

VeriFresh natural breath gel and tongue cleaner

Using an effective tongue scraper and gel works because it actually eliminates the source of the bad breath problem.  This is the real natural cure for halitosis, making for much more effective and long-lasting fresh breath, as well as promoting maximal oral care.

The are many instant short-lived bad breath solutions available.  Many people are aware of at least a few of these bad breath remedies.  Among the most popular of these are mouthwashes, mouth sprays, breath mints and fresh breath strips.

Watch this short video to find out about the source of bad breath and our unique natural fresh breath solution:

Why don’t standard bad breath solutions work?

  • Mouthwashes
    Although they have an alcohol component they cannot eliminate the bacteria that cause chronic bad breath. Experts say that in order to kill oral bacteria, they must be immersed in pure alcohol for much longer than it takes to rinse your mouth or gargle.  Also, alcohol may, in fact, worsen the condition since it dries out the tongue and creates a more conducive environment for microorganisms to thrive.  This last condition is called Xerostomia (Xerostomia is the medical term for a dry mouth due to a lack of saliva) and is usually an additional cause for bad breath.
  • Breath mints, breath strips or mouth sprays
    These impart a temporary fresh sensation in the mouth, but are even more fleeting in their actual affect upon the cause of bad breath in the oral cavity. They are only a short-lived cover-up of bad breath. A good analogy is if you try to solve a body odor problem by adding more deodorant instead of taking a shower.
  • Brushing the tongue
    Tongue brushing is recommended by some dental professionals as a solution for bad breath. This is an acknowledgment of the fact that the bacteria thriving on the tongue are the root of the bad breath problem. However, toothbrushes were not designed for cleaning the tongue. Brushing the tongue merely spreads microorganisms around the tongue, instead of removing them. In addition, using a toothbrush to clean the tongue generates the so-called gag reflex, because of its thick design. The bristles of a toothbrush are about four times taller than the height of our ergonomic tongue cleaner, and therefore make it impossible to clean the rear area of the tongue.