Earth Day 2024

Earth Day

On this Earth Day, we focus our company’s efforts on changing the way we commute to work, we examine again our committment to the transition to a sustainable economy by using natural ingredients, natural materials in our products, and a new recycling initiative in our office. We encourage all of our customers to consider their […]

World Oral Care Day

World Oral Health Day

Every year on March 20th, World Oral Health Day is marked. This year, we want to leave you with a few of the lifestyle changes that we can make to dramatically up our oral care game. Most of the items on this to-do-list are easily obtainable for most people, no matter where they are from […]

By the Numbers

Hundreds of types of bacteria in your oral cavity. Research shows the tongue is the culprit in how many cases? How many active ingredients do we put in our gel to solve the problem plaguing almost every one of us at some time or another? What do the numbers say?

New Bamboo – Our Brush Heads are now 100% recyclable and biodegradable!

      At VeriFresh we aim to continuously innovate, improve and decrease our ecological footprint. Our first iteration of bamboo sonic toothbrush heads were made of bamboo and castor oil bristles. Our newest version now adds plant-based fittings to the mix so the entire brush is: – Made of natural materials – Recyclable – […]

Earth Day 2023 at VeriFresh

Earth Day 2023 . . . This year the shift to renewable and sustainable energy sources is again paramount in environment discussions At VeriFresh, our mission is to create healthier oral care regimens by inventing more efficient and effective natural oral care solutions. We are equally concerned with the environment and the negative externalities of […]

Meet us at IDS

IDS Logo

The IDS Fair is back in its pre-Covid form and the halls were buzzing with activity from companies worldwide showing new technologies and products.  This was the 100th anniversary of the IDS Fair which was cause for celebration and some special events at the Fair.  We reunited with partners who we had not seen for […]

Check out the all-new VeriFresh Sonic Toothbrush – Preserve your teeth & Conserve the environment

Sonic bamboo toothbrush in-use

The ultimate sonic toothbrush! Not only does it clean your teeth at a higher 38,000 vibration per-minute rate, it’s heads are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo and castor oil. So you get a more efficient cleaning when compare to manual toothbrushes, and most other sonic toothbrush brands. You’ll also feel great to know that you […]

As masks come off, surprises lurk

Government mandates enforcing mask wearing are beginning to expire.  What lurks under those masks may be an unpleasant surprise for halitosis-suferers.  It’s time to take another look at VeriFresh’s bad breath kit – it’s all natural, easy to use and results in long-lasting fresh breath.

Earth Day 2022 Special – 20% off Web orders!

Earth Day '22

In celebration of Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd, VeriFresh encourages you to buy natural and recycled products.  If you have never tried our natural oral care products, now is a great time to try.  If you are a returning user, you can also enjoy our Earth Day discount. Use code: Earth22

Should you quit flossing? Fourth of five reasons why you shouldn’t

Flossing helps prevent tooth decay

Should you quite flossing? Fourth of five reasons you shouldn’t. Do you suffer from bad breath? 85-90% of people do.  One of the lesser-hyped tools to keep bad breath away is flossing. Why? When food gets trapped between your teeth, it slowly starts to decay. If you don’t remove the food particles, it can cause […]