TC at home with his people

TC and Tulips

What does our tongue cleaner have in common with a bed of tulips?  On the face of it, not much.  But upon further examination, one can say that they both create good smells in their immediate surroundings.  They both have that beautiful orange sheen.  And they both share a design that is wonderful to look […]

Meet us in Milan

VeriFresh in Milan

We look forward to meeting potential partners and old contacts at the Export Institute’s event in Milan on Sept. 24th -26th, 2019.  VeriFresh’s presentation will be on Wednesday.  VeriFresh will be introducing our innovative dental products along with 15 other companies with new products in the dental field.

Can Vaping Hurt your gums?

Vaping: the new safe way to smoke? Vaping has been touted as the safer way to smoke. And little or no second hand smoke means bystanders don’t suffer from the ill-effects of smokers negative externalities. But what about the smokers themselves? A recent study published in The Journal of American Dental Association proposes that while […]

Could this bacteria be the key to curing gum disease?

Immune cell reaction

New research from the NIH shows how bacteria can trigger an immune reaction that causes gum disease. Can control of this immune cell called “T helper 17” be the big breakthrough in the battle against gum disease?   An unhealthy balance of bacteria in the mouth has long been known to trigger inflammation in periodontal […]