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Environmental Credo

Inventing great products is a necessary beginning.  But considering the environmental life-cycle of our products is a critical next-step.

A big-picture view of environmental responsibility involves several key steps:

– Designing our products with environmental principles in mind.

– Manufacturing our products in the most environmentally friendly way.

– Using all-natural formulations.

 -Packaging our products using the most advanced environmental principles possible.

– Delivering our products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 



Product Design:

Our design process results in products that are environmentally and functionally efficient.

As an example, our flosser uses much less floss than traditional spool floss which means less material in landfills.


We endeavor to use recycled materials where possible and minimize our products’ mass as a way not only to reduce costs, but also to reduce their environmental impact.  We seek manufacturing partners that use energy efficiently and aspire to improve their own environmental footprints.


We spend significant resources on developing and manufacturing all-natural formulations in our gels and pastes for use with our dental instruments.  These oral care products are formulated with natural flavors, colors and active ingredients.


Making great products is a good beginning, but it is just a beginning.  Delivery to our customers requires resources. We need to minimize the impact of these resources by:

  •         Using recycled packaging.
  •         Printing at near-zero emission, energy-efficient printing facilities.
  •         Using soy and other natural inks.
  •         Incorporating cellulose-based “plastic” for hygienic package windows.
  •         Designing clever packaging which minimizes our environmental footprint.


Product Delivery:

Getting our products to our users involves consuming resources and creating negative externalities.  We are continuously exploring new ways to offer our customers the option of minimizing this impact. As an example, customers who order products on our website are presented with the option of choosing a carbon offset.

For more on minimizing carbon emissions, visit [CO2 OK]