Natural Fresh Breath Kit

Natural breath gel and tongue cleaner

The All Natural VeriFresh Fresh Breath Kit

Our ergonomic tongue cleaner and all natural fresh breath gel are engineered to work together for optimal results – they are the ultimate natural fresh breath solution.

The VeriFresh tongue cleaner is the only ergonomic tongue cleaner designed to actually hold the fresh breath gel in its multi-ribbed active head, the same way that it traps and removes bacteria and other material that cause bad breath.When used in tandem, the VeriFresh tongue cleaner and all natural breath gel get to the root of the problem of bad breath (halitosis), and keep your mouth smelling fresh all day.

The VeriFresh two-step process for fresh breath involves cleaning the tongue efficiently and fighting the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath to begin with. This process is easily combined by applying our specially designed natural fresh breath gel onto the VeriFresh tongue cleaner and using our ergonomic tongue cleaner to remove bacteria and foreign matter from the surface of the tongue.

VeriFresh fresh breath kit - Tongue cleaner and Fresh breath gel packageVeriFresh Fresh breath gel package

The Verifresh Fresh Breath Gel contains all-natural ingredients: Anise, Calendula, Clove Oil, Echinacea, Honeysuckle, Cranberry, Aloe Vera, Propolis and Tea Tree Oil are all from natural sources. They contain antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties and soothe the tongue surface. These ingredients fight the microorganisms that cause bad breath.

All-natural ingredients:
– No SLS – No parabens – No artificial flavors – No animal by-products – No artificial sweeteners – No animal testing.

Why not use breath sprays, mouthwashes, mints, or chewing gum?

When used alone, these products just cover-up the bad odor (halitosis) temporarily and do nothing to eliminate the source of the malodor.

Note: Package is 100% post-consumer recycled material and printed with Soy Ink.