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VeriFresh has made great strides in fulfilling our mission to continuously evolve into a more environmentally responsible company. We have recently added the option for customers ordering online to select a Carbon Offset payment. 

We have also:
• Created new packaging with higher post-consumer recycled paper content, cellulose-based (biodegradable) plastic windows and soy ink.
• Increased our use of recycled raw materials sourced from environmentally responsible vendors.
• Printed material for packaging and marketing in zero-emission facilities which strive to recycle all waste and minimize carbon footprint.

This has come in parallel with a transformation to an all-natural oral care line. This change, which is the culmination of years of research, development and manufacturing resulted in several new recent product introductions. Our new oral care gels work in tandem with our unique dental instruments, improving oral hygiene while using the highest-quality, healthiest natural ingredients.

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