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VeriFresh makes healthier and more efficient oral care solutions – ones which we had to invent since we couldn’t find them anywhere else.

How it all began:

Thousands of years before the invention of the toothbrush, perhaps by quirk or perhaps by brilliance, someone discovered the link between a clean tongue and:

  • Better oral hygiene
  • Better general health and
  • Fresh breath

We took this original design and improved upon it – a modern take on an age-old design.  The result – our first product – the ergonomic tongue cleaner.   Our initial success with this product launched VeriFresh. 

We see a world where natural products are increasingly available, yet we continue to use chemical-laden oral care products every day. 

Our natural oral care products address this contradiction.  We need to stop ignoring one of the main ways that we ingest chemicals – through our daily oral care regimen.

going green
Environmental Credo

Our company grew out of our desire to provide better and environmentally friendlier products.  But it is not just our products that are all-natural and more environmentally friendly, we take the big-picture view of environmental responsibility.  This is reflected through our manufacturing processes, packaging and product delivery. At VeriFresh we are constantly evolving to make our products more healthy and environmentally friendly and to minimize our environmental footprint.

Natural Gum Care Kit by VeriFresh
our Vision
  •         To create more efficient, easier to use and healthier products
  •         To enhance our users’ oral health and general health
  •         To use all-natural ingredients in our formulations
  •         To minimize the environmental footprint of our activities

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