Gum Massager


Massage the gums and apply specialty gum care gels

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gum massager frontMassage and Stimulate your gums

Are you looking for a way to keep your gums healthy?

It’s the hygienic way to massage gums and apply gum gels safely and effectively

Try with our gum gel, for the ultimate gum care solution



  • Increases blood flow to the gum surface
  • Soothes the gums
  • Applies gum gels safely
  • More hygienic than massaging gums with your finger

Finally a way to massage your gums with a unique product that is designed specifically to stimulate the gum surface.

Unlike other gum stimulators, our gum massager has a soft, concave surface with protruding nubs which massages the gum surface, not the interdental space.

Our gum massager is the perfect applicator for specialty gum gels.




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