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Sonic Bamboo Toothbrush Replacement Heads- 4 biodegradeable bamboo heads with castor oil bristles

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Innovative Oral Care . . . Naturally

You’ve felt the smooth whirring of our sonic bamboo toothbrush and marveled at the feel of the castor oil bristles.  How could natural toothbrush bristles be so strong, efficient, yet biodegradeable?  You now know that the sonic toothbrush cleans your teeth better than any toothbrush, regular or electric with rotating head.

But your old heads are worn out. What to do?

We have the solution!

It’s our biodegradeable bamboo and castor oil head replacement head 4-pack.

Bamboo is the fastest growing material suitable for making stuff.  Bamboo can grow at an astounding rate of 3 feet (1 meter) per day! So it is a very efficient grower and since it is a very strong wood, it is perfect for our bamboo toothbrush heads.

After much experimentation with natural bristle types – we have found that one of the most efficient and effective bristles are made from castor oil.

So keep throwing those old brush heads into the compost and know that you are contributing to eliminating the problem of billions of plastic toohtbrush handles in our landfills.