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Sonic Bamboo Toothbrush – biodegradeable bamboo heads with castor oil bristles

Cruelty Free
  • Up Your Brushing Game: Brushing was never easier and more efficient.  The sonic engine cleans plaque from the teeth and gum-line much more efficiently than with manual brushing
  • Easy Brushing: Let the ultrasonic motor do the cleaning.  With a vibration rate of up to 38,000 vibrations per minute, your teeth are cleaned more thoroughly and efficiently than manual brushing.
  • A Brushing Solution Customizable for The Way You Brush: With five separate programs to tailor your cleaning experience to your specific needs.
  • All-Natural Brush Heads: Our toothbrush heads are made of bamboo, castor oil bristles, and plant-based fittings which means the heads are biodegradable.  Throw your used ones into the compost.
  • Rechargeable Long-Lasting Electronic Handle: Recharge in 10-12 hours and put the recharging base away—one charge can last for up to 3 months.  Say goodbye to empty-battery anxiety forever.
  • Efficient, Customizable Teeth-Cleaning , for Adults and Kids: Some of the unique features include a 30 second interval timer, 2 minute smart timer, waterproof IPX7 and no-contact induction charging.
  • Kick your oral hygiene regimen up a notch with the VeriFresh Sonic Toothbrush for adults and kids aged 6 and up. Buy now and feel the power.


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