VeriFloss™ is the first ergonomic flosser with a fully adjustable floss head to fit the way that you floss!

The floss head swivels to multiple angles to allow easy access to all of the teeth.
Enhanced lateral flexibility means the floss surrounds the contour of the teeth while maintaining optimal floss tension.  

Sliding lock enables quick exchange of flosser heads after use.User-friendly ergonomic design.
Now available in Small and Medium size floss-strands

Why It’s The Most Advanced System

  1. Rounded tips for safety and comfort
  2. “Wave” – floss hugs the teeth when in use, more effectively cleaning around the tooth surface.
  3. Ergonomic handle with comfortable ridged rubber gum grips for greater control during use.
  4. “Slide” the lever to easily exchange floss heads.
  5. “Swivel” – changes the angle of use to allow easy access to both the front and rear teeth.

Why VeriFloss?

VeriFloss is the only flosser that is ergonomically designed for optimal results while flossing between any of the teeth and at any angle. We now offer Small and Medium size floss heads – adding additional customization by allowing you to pick a thicker or thinner floss strand.

For Better Oral Hygiene

  • Improves oral hygiene by eliminating plaque, food debris and bacteria that cause interdental decay and gum problems and bad breath.

For General Health

  • Inter-dental flossing eliminates microorganisms responsible for many health problems.
  • User-friendly, inexpensive and easy to use.